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Fernanda Kelly: “Love is the most beautiful thing, it is a feeling of happiness”

Written by israel — May 16, 2023
Fernanda Kelly: “Love is the most beautiful thing, it is a feeling of happiness”

By Reynaldo Mena

Before connecting with Fernanda Kelly, an entrepreneur, influencer, activist for social causes, businesswoman, actor, and communicator, I asked myself a question: How will Fernanda manage her time? One day she is at a community event, another day speaking at a conference or sharing a project where she shares the light and peace that fill her life.

fernanda kelly

I remembered an interview that I once did with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, in which I asked her that question, “Rigoberta, how do you manage to be one day with the indigenous people, another, with a leader, with the Kings of Spain or skiing in the Swiss Alps”.

Menchú answered me: We forget that in the end we are animals, we always adapt to our environment.

Fernanda Kelly responded to me in a similar way.

“I have a great passion for what I do. I want to do good, help people, ”she answered me.

The co-host of the morning show “Levántate” in KLVE 107.5 FM says that her desire is to raise awareness as much as she can and do her bit to live in a better world.

What is surprising about Fernanda Kelly is her positivity. Where others see a problem, she sees a solution, a chance to change things.

“There have always been problems, difficult situations. She now has a name, mental health, but we are the ones who have created it and the ones who can change it, ”she adds.

However, she assures that things are changing. “She sees a world where everyone contributes something to make a change, no matter what their position is.”

Fernanda Kelly, of Mazatlan, Tijuana and San Diego origin, reveals that culture is in her voice and her thoughts. She speaks firmly, directly, without holding anything back.

“Through my different platforms, I can express myself, authentically out loud,” says Kelly. “It’s an opportunity for me to speak up on topics that I am passionate about.”

This personality has created many followers for her, but also the risk of being censored.

“Whenever you speak and go further, you run the risk of touching some stones. Thanks to my experience, I have known when to stop and when to keep going,” she says.

Despite being a very positive influencer, she thinks that she has not yet reached 50 percent of the impact that she wants to have.

“I want my clothing line to take another direction and that the series about my life that I am about to finish writing is that vehicle, when that moment arrives; I will dedicate myself solely to that. From there, my social impact can reach another level,” says Fenanda Kelly.

She assumes all the challenges of it and all the consequences of it. She maintains a philosophy of assuming things in a positive way, always with the perspective that we ourselves are creating our own reality.

“I firmly believe that energy and positive thinking shape us. If we practice these things, it is they themselves that we are going to receive. We cannot surround ourselves with negative thoughts, because that is what we will get. I believe that each of us has the power to transform our reality. For example, if something goes wrong on my way, I start to meditate. I reflect on what is happening, I understand it and then I change it, but I have to be ready to take that step”, says Fernanda Kelly.

This attitude has been contagious with the people who approach her. She thinks that people can sense that energy and know that she is a person with the best intentions.

“It is always me, the same, with my energy and my personality. Of course, in my work there are situations in which I have to adapt since I work for a company. But essentially I’m the same person,” she adds.

One of the basic elements that she thinks is necessary in society is the teaching of managing emotions, before talking about mental health.

“Everything originates in the family. It has nothing to do or has little to do with the issue of the pandemic. If there is a healthy relationship in a family, its members will have that same attitude towards the exterior, ”she says.

Despite her influence in the media and in the community, Fernanda is very clear that she is not responsible for anyone or anything. She thinks that everyone should take their own responsibility for their actions. She believes and professes the law of cause and effect, something that she cultivates every day.

“Discipline is in me. But if someone comes to me with a request for some advice or support, I receive them with open arms. I am a person who trusts people a lot, I open up, but if I see that that person does not approach with the same intentions, then I turn around, ”she says.

For Fernanda, happiness means being healthy, being alive, grateful, waking up to start a new day. She meditates every day for the well-being of herself and her family and those close to her.

For her, one of the most important and noble expressions of the human being is love.

“Love is the most beautiful thing, it moves everything, it is a feeling of happiness and joy. Love creates positive thoughts and feelings; it does not cause harm , it doesn’t hurt. However, we have to be ready to receive it. If we do not have those same feelings we will receive what we are reaping. We have to learn to detect love”, says Fernanda.

“We get the kind of love that we give,” she adds.

There are times when she can get tired, annoyed, but she is a faithful believer in the concept of impermanence. Everything changes, nothing remains.

“You have to be sure that whatever happens, no matter how bad it is, will happen. And if it is happening, it is for something, we have to make sure that this change takes us to another level, to a higher state, ”Fernanda Kelly ends by saying.

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