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We are in it with you

Welcome to Parriva, a tech-driven company, founded with the mission to empower the Latino community through a cutting edge digital platform. Our team comprises of experienced journalists, tech experts and community advocates, all dedicated to bridging the gap and building a platform that caters to the specific needs of Latinos. Our goal is to create a space where individuals can come together, share knowledge and extend support in a way that enriches our vibrant community.

We are working through you

At Parriva, we believe that a well informed individual has power. We also believe that meaningful impact is created when knowledge is shared and we take action together. So, we are here with a simple and clear mission to build a powerful platform that enlightens, engages, fosters strong collaboration and empowers our Latino community to thrive. 

Who uses the platform?

Our community

Idividuals looking for information about topics they care about, connecting with like-minded individuals and wanting to make a difference.   

Purpose driven influencers

Prominent influencers, decision makers, community leaders with aspirations, purposeful messaging, uplifting initiatives and the desire to inform, engage and gain the support of our audience and partners.


Leading organizations spreading awareness about their services and advancing their causes plus gaining new supporters.


Partnering with us on important initiatives that improve the lives of our Latino community and Journalist sourcing our powerful investigative work and stories. 

How does Parriva work?

The Latino community is empowered to drive the conversation on topics most important to them. We lend our professional journalistic support to enlighten our community on those most important topics and we provide the platfrom to facilitate communication, interaction and activation. Next, our purpose driven influencer partners assist us in making this information go viral.     

We need talented, passionate people to help make Latinos lives better

Our vision is to be the best community platform in the USA. Would you like to join us?





Roaldo Moran



Chief Alliance Officer

Pakko De La Torre

Chief Technology Officer

Reynaldo Mena

Chief Content Officer