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Communication still trumps AI as most in demand job skill

Written by Parriva — February 9, 2024
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Communication is the most in-demand job skill for the second year in a row, according to data gathered by LinkedIn.

Soft skills, like effectively communicating, still trump AI skills — for now.

Customer service and leadership ranked second and third, respectively, followed by project management, management and analytics.

LinkedIn determined the most in-demand skills by measuring those included in job listings, and included in the profiles of those who have been recently hired and or received recruiter outreach.

9 out of 10 global executives agree that soft skills are more important than ever, and nearly 7 out of 10 agree they were more valuable to their organization than AI skills.

“Human skills, like communication, leadership and teamwork are particularly critical at this moment,” says LinkedIn Learning global head of content strategy, Dan Brodnitz.

“With a rise in remote and hybrid work, and now AI, the need for human connection and people skills have become even more important as companies are looking for talent that can step up and create innovative, agile, collaborative teams.”

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